home gallery biography aktuelles contact legal issues/ Impressum Willkommen! Welcome! Julia Zwicker Number 10, Series "the two of us", acryl, pastel on canvas, 80cmx100cm “The artworks of Julia Zwicker are layered in depth.They avoid a simple title. Her pictures are – though, mostly abstract - but very exact representations of human life. The paintings open a view of a longer contemplation of ever-reaching depth, which often develops a dynamic with strong colors. Behind the geometrical forms life grows, strives and thrives The geometrical figures are images of conventions, values, views, morality, social structures -all the things that we experience even in situations in our lives - whether we experience them as help, as support, or even as constraints. The work follows a clear but in no way limiting line: the reference to diversity alone and the life that has its place in the depths of the pictures is sufficient here. " (Dr. Heinz Niederleitner - Journalist, on the exhibiton “In the Garden of Diversitiy)